Antimimeticisomorphism… The New Buzzword But What the #&*@#&} Does It Mean?!?! Is that a mouthful or what? Did that catch your attention? I thought it would! I used that as the headline of an article in a sales management magazine I published abo ...

Blogging Basics Revealed

What You’re Going To Discover In This One Headline Is That There’s Nothing New About The Recent Explosion Of Blogging, But What Will Fascinate You Is How Quickly You Will Discover What You Already Know About The Secrets Of Blogging On BLOGGING BASICS REVE ...

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Exam Coping Skills

Now that you’re reading this site, you will begin looking in the mirror at YOU’RE AMAZING, NEW FOUND SKILL for COPING WITH EXAMS. Because EXAM COPING SKILLS.COM has that affect on people, time and time and time again, so it becomes a simple part of YOU’RE ...

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Exam Study Tips

FINALLY – a website DEDICATED to getting you through your EXAMS – providing EXAM STUDY TIPS that you will fall off your chair discovering, and thinking to yourself – why didn’t someone show me this earlier in the semester!

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Exponential Programs

Are You Looking For A Business Coach, Advisor Or Mentor Who Can GUARANTEE RESULTS? You've come to the right place. Chances are you're on this page right now is because you KNOW there is a better way, a better way to run your business. You know be ...

Family Firm Succession

FACT: If you preside over a family-run company, then... “The Odds Are, You Will Destroy Your Family’s Legacy by Killing Your Family Business, Whether Or Not You Want To Admit It” Brand NEW!!! Family Business Revival Kit CLICK HERE! I know that sounds ...

Flipping Websites For Profit

The Flipping Websites for Profit Home Study System is like having a Virtual Real Estate License. It’s crammed with PROVEN strategies so you can flip websites STARTING RIGHT NOW for 50% to 100% profit over and over as you build a portfolio of websites that ...

Funny Student Stories

YOU ALREADY KNOW all the research points towards students GETTING BETTER GRADES when they have a healthy serve of HUMOUR in their lives. FUNNY STUDENT STORIES.COM delivers all you need to know about why all the best advice can keep ALL THE USUAL WARNINGS ...

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Get Better grades

IIf you’re really keen to tap into the limitless potential of your unconscious mind, you’re going to want to have session in a floatation tank. In this day and age of constant interruptions, time slicing and multi-tasking, research reflects it’s having an ...

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Marc Dussault

If I Could Show You How To GROW YOUR BUSINESS Having Fun Doing Out-Of-The-Ordinary Things That Create Extra-Ordinary Results With The Least Amount Of Effort And Lowest Cost, Would You Call Me… ...Antimimeticisomorphic?

Mastermind Group Tips

Like Never Before, Here At MASTERMIND GROUPS.COM You Will Have Revealed BEFORE YOUR EYES, The Very Essence Of The Secrets Of What Makes THE MASTERMIND CONCEPT The Most POWERFUL TOOL You Can Use In Your Life Today!

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Mature Student Tips

With The Numbers Of Mature Students Returning To Education Increasing Every Year, You Are Not Alone In Facing The Reality That Getting A Better Education Will Take You Where You Know You Want To Go In Life. MATURE STUDENT TIPS.COM Is Here With You Every S ...

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Speed Learning Tips

Discover RIGHT BEFORE YOUR EYES, Or Not, How Quickly You Can TAKE IN THESE WORDS Just By Repeating Them OVER AND OVER AND OVER In Your Mind. The Secrets Of Speed Learning Is Spelled Out For You Here At SPEED LEARNING TIPS.COM. After All, Doesn’t Your Mind ...

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Speed Learning Video

Attention Students: Discover The Study Strategies That Thousands Of Students Are Secretly Using To Get The BEST GRADES With The Least Amount Of Effort! Learn the "speed study" secrets you'll NEVER be taught in school that will slash your study time in ha ...

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Speed Reading Tips

You may even begin to notice that you FIND YOURSELF SPEED READING this very heading BEFORE YOU KNOW IT. That’s right, amaze yourself by discovering the SECRETS OF SPEED READING are right here BEFORE YOUR EYES.

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Speed Reading Video

tudents, professionals and business owners who NEED to READ: Learn to Speed read in just 1 SHORT Hour with even greater levels of Comprehension Money BackIntroducing: The Speed Reading Video Seminar — an innovative new video training system guaranteed ...

Speed Study For Business

Business owners, entrepreneurs and executives who want to achieve their full potential: -Are you frustrated with the results you’re getting in your business? -Are you stressed and disillusioned about the direction your life is taking? -Are you CERTAI ...

Student Memory Tips

BECOME A MEMORY GURU among your friends by following the secrets of STUDENT MEMORY TIPS.COM, because when it comes to STUDY SUCCESS the night before your exams – A+ RESULTS are better late than never!

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Student Notetaking Tips

How Would YOU Deal With Being THAT STUDENT That Has A Stream Of Notetaking Advice REVEALING THE SECRETS Of Imprinting YOU’RE UNCONSCIOUS MIND With The Entire Content Of Your Final Exams?

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Student Stress Management Tips

YOU ALREADY KNOW it’s not about how much YOU KNOW THE EXAMS, it’s about how YOU PERFORM under stress. STUDENT STRESS MANAGEMENT TIPS.COM reveals the SECRETS you are going to LOVE, because it’s what you’ve always wanted HERE RIGHT NOW!

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